Nicki Minaj is the first female rapper to be in the Forbes Hip-Hop Cash Kings list.

Well done girl !! <3

Monday Aug 8 @ 05:52pm
Sunday Aug 8 @ 11:23am
Calling Team Minaj !!

Hey darlings,

We’ve got loads of support on facebook but we’re lacking massively on twitter, if you all have the time to just give Barbie Nationx a follow it would be most appreciated.

Love You Team Minaj !! <3

Sunday Aug 8 @ 11:18am
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Monday Jul 7 @ 12:10am

Hey everyone, I was just on imvu and because my name was barbieminaj91 and my avatar had a barbie necklace on, I went into a room and immediately someone said ‘Check out the white bitch tryna be Nicki Minaj’ 3 avatars hurled abuse at me, so Iv deleted my account, so if anyone had me as a friend I havent deleted you, Iv deleted my account.

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